Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some bad guys always cheat girls. Why girls always like to be fooled?

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It has been observed that most of the bad guys make girl friends just for fun, bad purposes and to fulfill bad desires. On the other hand innocent girls become trapped soon just by the sweet words of guys. Bad guys keep on posing themselves more smart and someone which they are not at all. They keep on getting confidence of the girls cleverly. At the end they fulfill their bad desires and flew away leaving the girls alone for no where else.

The main purpose of this post is to protect rights of girls, create awareness in them and enable them to handle the matters when they are felt in love with some bad guy.

          "I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself and there I take my stand." -- Susan B. Anthony

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips for girls to prevent them from cheating by bad guys:-

  • Most of bad guys fool girls by praising them about their beauty which is weakness of most of the girls. Girls must be realistic minded and should not digest unnecessary praise which is baseless. i.e if you are not so beautiful or pretty and some one is unnecessarily praising you about your beauty then you must keep in mind that he is fooling you. More clever guys just pickup one thing like eyes, lips or cheeks and start passing sweat words about them so that girl really went to believe as all was correct.
  • Some bad guys try to win the heart of girls by worthless gifts on the other hand girls respond with costly ones. Be careful about the price of the gift being presented to you.
  • Note the normal attitude of guy when he is dealing with others without bringing in his notice. Try to meet with people he deals with in daily routine and keep interrogating about him slowly time to time. Then compare his behavior with others with the behavior he presents before you. If he is entirely different with you then he is definitely posing it just to trap you. If you will decide to build a permanent relation with him he will be bad with you later on.
  • Always get full information about him like his family background, permanent and temporary addresses, business and telephone numbers and keep them verifying upto the extend you can do. Most of the guys show themselves richest ones. They show the ownership of things which actually belong to their relatives etc and nothing is their own.
  • Some guys are already married and even have children but keep girl friends just for fun or time pass. Girls must be careful about that while felling in love with some one.
  • Never accept any invitation of any party from guys where you are the only girl with a group of guys. They sometimes plane bad things in groups.
  • Never stay with a guy for night in some single room at some hotel etc what ever the reason may be.
  • Never drink wine etc with him nor allow him to drink before you nor accept a collective drinking offer from him as it may lead to unconsciousness to facilitate him in his bad intentions.
  • Always meet on public places and never go with him alone on some no mans land area like hill hiking etc where no one is present to protect you.
  • Always keep hold on you when you are emotional and never promote his bad desires even by words. You should be commanded by your brain and not by your heart.
  • Try to check his phone calls/messaging record from his cell / mobile phone when ever you find it spare to play with. e.g he forgets it on table and goes for toilet. And try to ensure you are only girl to whom he is dealing with.
  • Always keep track of the money he is spending on you and what you are spending on him to find out if he was just with you for your richness.
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